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The Evolving Technology of Launch

Join us in this discussion as we examine the current market trends and what strategies will deliver the most adaptable solutions for the launch of military satellites.  More than 50 launch service providers are currently operational, or aiming to become operational, within the next five years. With the cost of launch likely to see significant reduction due to increased competition, what are the implications for new and legacy launch providers? Among the many new entrants into launch, what proposed technologies represent the most advantageous strategic advantage? (Reusability, additive manufacturing/customization, launch location, vehicle/payload size, launch cadence, propulsion to include alternative fuels, cost, etc

Date: June 2, 2021 Time: 9:15 am - 10:00 am Steve Kaufman

Hogan Lovells
Peter Beck
Founder and Chief Executive

Rocket Lab
Josh Brost
Vice President of Business Development

Relativity Space
Stephen Eisele
Vice President of Business and Strategy

Virgin Orbit,
Chris Kemp
Founder, Chairman and CEO

Mark Peller
Vice President of Major Development

United Launch Alliance - ULA