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Syed Akbar, System Engineer, SATCOM
U.S. Army Support Contractor

Mr. Akbar is currently working as a DoD contractor supporting the US Army on SATCOM architecture and terminal development. Mr. Syed Akbar has over 35 years of SATCOM industry experience in design and development of SATCOM architectures and terminal development.  Mr. Akbar is responsible for leading a team of engineers specializing in mobile SATCOM and broadband wireless networks. Mr. Akbar’s specializes as a communications systems engineer. Previously he was the lead architect on the US Army CERDEC Distributed Standard Terminal SOTM working group. Previous projects include the US Army Distributed Broadband SOTM X-band Terminal, Small Aperture X-band SATCOM-On-The-Move (SAXBA) BFT Terminal,  Point to Point and Point to Multipoint broadband wireless system, JTRS GMR systems engineering and integration, the design and development of the Future Combat System (FCS) Network Management system and independent research and development projects to support X, Ka and Q-band SATCOM-On-The-Move terminals for use by the DoD to support Battle Command on the move, Intelligence and Situation Assessment missions. He was a key member of the design team for a worldwide commercial satellite network for the US Army logistics community. This network was based on C, Ku and L band terminals. Mr. Akbar was also the Alico team leader for the development of the future communications architecture of the Tactical Internet. This future Tactical Internet architecture included design of terrestrial and satellite networks based on WGS, A-EHF and MUOS, and Inmarsat satellites. Prior to joining Alico Systems in 2002 Mr. Akbar worked for TRW for 24 years. His last assignment at TRW was as Communications Systems Business Unit Director. Previous assignments included; Program Director of the US Army EIS project which first introduced the original BFT system in Bosnia and Kosovo, the UTACCS (STACCS) Program Manager, and as a Project Manager for the TDRSS Autotrack Processing System.

Education: BSEE from Northrop Institute and an MSEE degree from California State University, Los Angeles.

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