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Kameron Simon, Senior Systems Engineer
Kratos Space RF Sensing Systems

Mr. Kameron Simon is a senior systems engineer for Kratos Space RF Sensing Systems business area.  His area focuses on the application of advanced algorithms to RF satellite emissions in support of Space Situational Awareness and Radio Frequency Situational Awareness. He works with a team of talented software engineers, and system engineers in the research and application of how monitored radio frequency spectrum can be used to inform users in these domains.  Mr. Simon has over 10 years of experience in systems engineering and holds a BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering. Prior to joining Kratos, Mr. Simon worked as a Senior Engineer and Modeling and Simulation Lead for the Space Fence program and Technical Lead for the iSpace product at Lockheed Martin where he gained experience on the Space Surveillance Network of ground sensors and the Space Situational Awareness, Missile Warning, and Missile Defense mission areas.

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